Legends of Vanhyr

Chapter 3: The Journey North

The party set out from Lord Helvar‘s manor on the 21st Day of Midsummer, also known as Founder’s Day in Andor. Although the first day was relatively calm, on the second day of their journey the unthinkable happened: the party was attacked on the road.

Arrows flew out from across a wooden bridge, and a half-dozen men armed with clubs, axes and knives jumped out at the group; robbery – or worse – on their minds. Sylar had taken an arrow, and was down near the edge of the bridge. Grabbing him up, Flynn got to cover while the others scrambled to defend themselves. The fight was short, but brutal, and in the end, Melgin’s axe found its mark, slaying one of the bandits. The other bandits all either fled the scene or fell from their wounds. Only the sharp-eyed archer north of the bridge kept his feet, and several more of his arrows pinned down the party. Flynn, acting on instinct, tried to rush the bridge, only to take an arrow himself. Melgin grabbed a shield from one of the wounded bandits and raced across the bridge to grabb the wounded Flynn, and rushed back – arrows thunking into his shield the whole way.

The archer finally fled, leaving little trail behind him. The party had captured several of the bandits, and under questioning they learned little but the name of their leader – the archer ‘Harn’. After a heated debate within our heroes’ ranks, with Sylar calling for the bandit’s blood and Kellin and Analiegh trying to defend them, the matter was solved in the most unlikely of ways.

Kellin called upon the Creator’s blessings, and before the party’s eyes wove his hitherto unknown healing powers over the wounds of his companions and the bandits alike. Collapsing from the exertion, Kellin’s own body seemed to be wracked with pains and maladies from the magical weaving.

After gathering themselves up, and releasing the hapless bandits, the party continued on towards their destination. They finally reached Malden’s house, and after a night spent in the shadow of a rather strange shrine, they met Malden himself.



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