Legends of Vanhyr

Chapter 4: Emmil Cairn part 3

Malden met with his contact Grund, an associate of his from the old days. The two spoke, although not quite cordially, and Grund indicated that he was not comfortable speaking to Malden in the mercenary camp. So the two set up a meeting in the tavern at Emmil Cairn for later that night. The meeting went off without too much trouble, and the party learned a little from the conversation.

Malden had apparently taken some part in the Western Wars, as Grund put it ‘I respect you for what you did back in the war, old man – a lot of us did, no matter what the king thought…’ he went on to tell Malden that his name was known in the area now, and that whoever sent the men to murder the girl worked for ‘someone of importance’. The two parted after Grund warned the old man to leave, and leave fast.

Malden, visibly shaken by the conversation, and by the mysterious reference to a fight involving the PCs as another “Fall’s Ridge”, Malden bid a hasty farewell to the party, telling them to go home. He arranged with an old friend of his named Nalina to provide them some horses (which were to be stationed on the west bridge in case of trouble so that the party could make a speedy getaway) and before leaving, gave them a coinpurse in return for their help.



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