Legends of Vanhyr

Chapter 4: Emmil Cairn part 4

The party headed to the home of Nalina, an old friend of Malden’s, who arranged to provide some horses for them for any sort of a getaway they might have needed. They spoke at length about matters in the lands, and learned of several important figures in Riverdale who might be able to provide assistance against the mercenaries.

What the heroes have learned about the mercenaries is, to say the least – alarming. The three most powerful warlords from The BaronsThulgas, Bors Grimtooth and Halfdan the Red – have all sent forces to The Shires to fight over control of the Deeping Pass. Thulgas and Bors are apparently trying to enter into an alliance to force Halfdan the Red‘s forces out entirely. An attack on a caravan up north by Thulgas’ forces led to some unease between the two warlords, as Bors Grimtooth did not receive his fair cut of the loot. The two intend to come to an agreement over the proper split of proceeds in the coming days, and when that happens, they will announce an official alliance against Halfdan the Red.

Learning all of this, the party mulled over its options, finally settling on reporting back to Lord Helvar. All seemed well until their arrival at the Lord’s manor – Reeve Morgan was there, and he was none too happy to see them.



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