Legends of Vanhyr

Chapter 4: Emmil Cairn part 5

The party’s arrival at Lord Helvar‘s was greeted with ill news, and long-awaited truth. Helvar and Reeve Morgan questioned the party on their whereabouts, their deeds, and what they learned. Reeve Morgan revealed that he and Lord Helvar had long known about the mercenaries, and had been dealing with them, paying tribute and protection money out of Helvar’s coffers, and keeping the people of The Shires out of their way. Helvar revealed that he sent the party north to discover whether Malden was even still around, as he believed that the usually hermetic Malden would show himself when he saw The Mysterious Letter from his old friend and pupil “D.V.”.

After a long discussion on the options remaining to The Shires, Lord Helvar charged the party with delivering his request for assistance to the Dales Council at Riverdale, far to the south. The Reeve was not happy with this option, as he believed that Riverdale would only send enough men to anger and provoke the mercenaries, and that it would spell the doom of the people.



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