Legends of Vanhyr

Chapter 6: Riverdale part 2

Melgin, Randall Thorn and Dolan agree to work the docks for a few days in order to make a little spare coin. Kellin, on his errands to deliver a message from Lord Helvar to his estranged daughter still makes little headway, and vows to return on the morrow. In the meantime, he and Analiegh discuss the possibility of combining their talents to make a bit of coin in the chirurgeons/leeches business. Dolan enjoys the songs and stories of Gerard, an old bard in the The Sojourner’s Rest.

Andrin and the rest of the party are shocked to learn that Andrin‘s uncle has been arrested for Marcus Aldridge’s murder, and his father is being arrested on suspicion of treason. With a half-dozen constables and a marshall out in the street in front of The Sojourner’s Rest, the situation looks grim.



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