Legends of Vanhyr

Chapter 6: Riverdale part 3

Two new adventurers have joined the party; Parth, a scout for Riverdale’s small but capable army and Thordred, a dwarf hailing from Deeping Delve seeking honor and redemption for past deeds.

The party has learned some grim truths; Andrin‘s father and uncle are imprisoned for murder and treason, Kalmar’s king is dead, Roland Highdale is beset with political enemies, and Dolan‘s long-lost brooch, The Brooch of Tarak Grimsteel was likely stolen by crooked constables the night of Marcus Aldridge’s murder. Melgin and Kellin seek counsel with Mareya, daughter of Helvar, while Flynn, Randall Thorn and Dolan, along with their new companions Parth and Thordred seek out the whereabouts of The Brooch of Tarak Grimsteel.

Meanwhile, Andrin, sulking over the ill fate of his father and uncle, drinks away his sorrows while contemplating dark paths; while Analiegh tends the bar, doing what she can to help the young man out. Ill news all around, and the party has only just arrived in the city…



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