Hummel Stoutman

Hummel is the town brawler, and erstwhile companion to our heroes.


Hummel Stoutman:

Strength: 18 Dexterity: 10 Prowess: 16 Size: 18 Appearance: 8 Health: 34Damage: 6d6 MV: 3 Armor: 2 (2 from light leathers)

Heroic Attributes: Brawn (0); Brawling: 17(0) Grappling: 17(0)

Weapons: Natural Skill – Melee: 10 Missile: 7 2H: 10 Long Axe: 15


Hummel was never the quickest lad in the village, but what he lacked in wit he always made up for in sheer brute strength. He is the town’s only lumberjack, although the lack of a mill or saw here prevented him from being able to do much about the lumber needs. He is also the unofficial town brawler, and has taken wrestling bouts from travelers as far north as Kalvan and as far south as Riverdale. When our heroes were growing up, Hummel’s arrival was a sure sign that someone was going to get picked up, pushed, thrown or grappled; most of the party experienced this first-hand.

Hummel Stoutman

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