Randall Thorn

Randall is the town's best huntsman and tracker, and a loyal friend to our heroes since childhood.


Randall Thorn:

Strength: 15 Dexterity: 17 Prowess: 16 Size: 11 Appearance: 16 Health: 27 Damage: 4d6 MV: 5 Armor: 4 (2 from Dex, 2 from light leathers)

Weapons: Natural Skill – Melee: 8 Missile: 9 2H: 7 Long Bow: 15 Long Sword: 13 Tracking: 15 Hunting: 15


Randall was born not far from Alder’s Creek in the year 618. Older than most of the current generation of young men in the party, Randall was entrusted by Mayor Mergas with looking after the group and seeing to the tasks that the town gave. In that regard, responsibility has been put upon his shoulders for the first time in his life.

Randall’s family are known in the Green River Valley as decent enough folk. His line claims descent from some of the founders of Kalmar, and his father – like many fathers in Alder’s Creek these days – served in the wars in the west out of a sense of duty and adventure. While most of the young men who left out many years ago for battle and glory never returned, Dell Thorn returned scarred, sullen, and with little of the jovial nature for which he was once known. Most folks in the town say that Randall is the image of his father from the days before he went off to war, and his humor and light-heartedness generally come through.

This journey seems to have changed him a bit, and he wears the responsibility of leadership uneasily. Privately, he hopes that someone else in the party will take on that mantle in due time.

Randall Thorn

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