Legends of Vanhyr

Chapter 6: Riverdale part 3

Two new adventurers have joined the party; Parth, a scout for Riverdale’s small but capable army and Thordred, a dwarf hailing from Deeping Delve seeking honor and redemption for past deeds.

The party has learned some grim truths; Andrin‘s father and uncle are imprisoned for murder and treason, Kalmar’s king is dead, Roland Highdale is beset with political enemies, and Dolan‘s long-lost brooch, The Brooch of Tarak Grimsteel was likely stolen by crooked constables the night of Marcus Aldridge’s murder. Melgin and Kellin seek counsel with Mareya, daughter of Helvar, while Flynn, Randall Thorn and Dolan, along with their new companions Parth and Thordred seek out the whereabouts of The Brooch of Tarak Grimsteel.

Meanwhile, Andrin, sulking over the ill fate of his father and uncle, drinks away his sorrows while contemplating dark paths; while Analiegh tends the bar, doing what she can to help the young man out. Ill news all around, and the party has only just arrived in the city…

Chapter 6: Riverdale part 2

Melgin, Randall Thorn and Dolan agree to work the docks for a few days in order to make a little spare coin. Kellin, on his errands to deliver a message from Lord Helvar to his estranged daughter still makes little headway, and vows to return on the morrow. In the meantime, he and Analiegh discuss the possibility of combining their talents to make a bit of coin in the chirurgeons/leeches business. Dolan enjoys the songs and stories of Gerard, an old bard in the The Sojourner’s Rest.

Andrin and the rest of the party are shocked to learn that Andrin‘s uncle has been arrested for Marcus Aldridge’s murder, and his father is being arrested on suspicion of treason. With a half-dozen constables and a marshall out in the street in front of The Sojourner’s Rest, the situation looks grim.

Chapter 6: Riverdale part 1

The party split up once they reached Riverdale; Dolan, Randall Thorn and Andrin stayed at The Sojourner’s Rest, a hostel set up by Andrin‘s family friends to cater to traveling types. Kellin made his way off to run an errand or two before presenting himself before the Order’s elders to receive his fate, Flynn got a job running messages and parcels around the city, while Melgin and Analiegh went off on their own errands.

Chapter 5: The Journey to Riverdale

The party sets out for the city of Riverdale, making their way swiftly down the southern road. Given horses and mules by Lady Nalina, a friend of Malden’s (who also gave them the task of delivering word of the conditions of the north to Roland Highdale and Marcus Aldridge, two councilors from Riverdale with experience fighting the very mercenaries who plagued the Northsires now), they load up on gear and food, and push out quickly in order to reach Riverdale before winter. Along their way, the party met up with Brothers Theo and Gavin, two monks of the holy orders from Riverdale who were on a mission to reach the monastery at Emmil Cairn. Warned away from the place by the party (who learned of the destruction of the place earlier), they agree to accompany the group southward and try to ensure they receive a proper audience for their dire news when they arrive.

Flynn learned some strange things about his family’s past, and Kellin had a bad run-in with his drunken uncle, Aldorman Torvald. In a blind rage after being contradicted by his nephew, Torvald stripped Kellin of his priestly vestments, condemning him to exile from the holy order. To finish the deal, Torvald sent word south of Kellin’s insolence to a superior member of the priestly orders.

The party also learned of a pair of marshalls from Riverdale who had been asking around about the girl’s murder in the group’s absence. Although they apparently missed the duo, the party inquired as to their whereabouts and line of questions.

The party also had a run-in with some of Jallan‘s men on the road near The Olde Mill Inne. Although violence was averted, the candor of the meeting was less than cordial. The party quickly made their way past The Olde Mill Inne, and headed back to Alder’s Creek.

Melgin made a startling revelation to the party; after long hours of stewing over the strange details of the last few weeks, he came to the conclusion that the true target of the murderers on the road was none other than Malden himself. He told the group that the killers were almost certainly following the girl to Malden‘s location, which had been kept a secret for years; but then something; he couldn’t be sure what; something went wrong and the girl ended up getting savaged and killed before she could lead them to Malden himself.

Reaching Alder’s Creek, the group related their many tales of woe and danger to the gathered town elders, who promptly began to set about making things ready for the troubling times ahead. It was decided that Alder’s Creek would play host to the refugees coming out of the north, and all the while prepare to gather as much food and fodder as possible before winter could set in. They gave their blessings to the group’s mission to Riverdale, and wished them luck and the protection of the gods for their journey south.

After many trials and tribulations, the party finally arrived at the great city of Riverdale, where they were met by a strange fellow on the road. Dolan Rockfist, a dwarven mason from the Deeping Delve, had recently been thrown out of town by the constables for disturbing the peace. Along with some levity and good humor, he gave them news that proved to be an ill omen — Marcus Aldridge, one of the two men that Lady Nalina had sent them south to speak to — had been murdered only one night previous. As the group entered Riverdale (and helped Dolan enter quietly as well), they made their way onto their respective tasks, hoping that they weren’t too late after all.

Chapter 4: Emmil Cairn part 5

The party’s arrival at Lord Helvar‘s was greeted with ill news, and long-awaited truth. Helvar and Reeve Morgan questioned the party on their whereabouts, their deeds, and what they learned. Reeve Morgan revealed that he and Lord Helvar had long known about the mercenaries, and had been dealing with them, paying tribute and protection money out of Helvar’s coffers, and keeping the people of The Shires out of their way. Helvar revealed that he sent the party north to discover whether Malden was even still around, as he believed that the usually hermetic Malden would show himself when he saw The Mysterious Letter from his old friend and pupil “D.V.”.

After a long discussion on the options remaining to The Shires, Lord Helvar charged the party with delivering his request for assistance to the Dales Council at Riverdale, far to the south. The Reeve was not happy with this option, as he believed that Riverdale would only send enough men to anger and provoke the mercenaries, and that it would spell the doom of the people.

Chapter 4: Emmil Cairn part 4

The party headed to the home of Nalina, an old friend of Malden’s, who arranged to provide some horses for them for any sort of a getaway they might have needed. They spoke at length about matters in the lands, and learned of several important figures in Riverdale who might be able to provide assistance against the mercenaries.

What the heroes have learned about the mercenaries is, to say the least – alarming. The three most powerful warlords from The BaronsThulgas, Bors Grimtooth and Halfdan the Red – have all sent forces to The Shires to fight over control of the Deeping Pass. Thulgas and Bors are apparently trying to enter into an alliance to force Halfdan the Red‘s forces out entirely. An attack on a caravan up north by Thulgas’ forces led to some unease between the two warlords, as Bors Grimtooth did not receive his fair cut of the loot. The two intend to come to an agreement over the proper split of proceeds in the coming days, and when that happens, they will announce an official alliance against Halfdan the Red.

Learning all of this, the party mulled over its options, finally settling on reporting back to Lord Helvar. All seemed well until their arrival at the Lord’s manor – Reeve Morgan was there, and he was none too happy to see them.

Chapter 4: Emmil Cairn part 3

Malden met with his contact Grund, an associate of his from the old days. The two spoke, although not quite cordially, and Grund indicated that he was not comfortable speaking to Malden in the mercenary camp. So the two set up a meeting in the tavern at Emmil Cairn for later that night. The meeting went off without too much trouble, and the party learned a little from the conversation.

Malden had apparently taken some part in the Western Wars, as Grund put it ‘I respect you for what you did back in the war, old man – a lot of us did, no matter what the king thought…’ he went on to tell Malden that his name was known in the area now, and that whoever sent the men to murder the girl worked for ‘someone of importance’. The two parted after Grund warned the old man to leave, and leave fast.

Malden, visibly shaken by the conversation, and by the mysterious reference to a fight involving the PCs as another “Fall’s Ridge”, Malden bid a hasty farewell to the party, telling them to go home. He arranged with an old friend of his named Nalina to provide them some horses (which were to be stationed on the west bridge in case of trouble so that the party could make a speedy getaway) and before leaving, gave them a coinpurse in return for their help.

Chapter 4: Emmil Cairn part 2

The party headed off with Malden to speak with Grund Barksallow, and journeyed through the northern highlands towards the town of Emmil Cairn. Finally reaching their destination, they discovered a large mercenary encampment at the base of the valley commanding the northern road to the Deeping Pass.

Chapter 4: Emmil Cairn, part 1

Malden asks the party to accompany him as he heads to the mercenary camps near Emmil Cairn. He intends to seek out Grund Barksallow, a man who knows much about the comings and goings of sell-swords and their ilk. Loaded down with supplies, they set out on the 28th and final day of Midsummer, 642.

Chapter 3: The Journey North

The party set out from Lord Helvar‘s manor on the 21st Day of Midsummer, also known as Founder’s Day in Andor. Although the first day was relatively calm, on the second day of their journey the unthinkable happened: the party was attacked on the road.

Arrows flew out from across a wooden bridge, and a half-dozen men armed with clubs, axes and knives jumped out at the group; robbery – or worse – on their minds. Sylar had taken an arrow, and was down near the edge of the bridge. Grabbing him up, Flynn got to cover while the others scrambled to defend themselves. The fight was short, but brutal, and in the end, Melgin’s axe found its mark, slaying one of the bandits. The other bandits all either fled the scene or fell from their wounds. Only the sharp-eyed archer north of the bridge kept his feet, and several more of his arrows pinned down the party. Flynn, acting on instinct, tried to rush the bridge, only to take an arrow himself. Melgin grabbed a shield from one of the wounded bandits and raced across the bridge to grabb the wounded Flynn, and rushed back – arrows thunking into his shield the whole way.

The archer finally fled, leaving little trail behind him. The party had captured several of the bandits, and under questioning they learned little but the name of their leader – the archer ‘Harn’. After a heated debate within our heroes’ ranks, with Sylar calling for the bandit’s blood and Kellin and Analiegh trying to defend them, the matter was solved in the most unlikely of ways.

Kellin called upon the Creator’s blessings, and before the party’s eyes wove his hitherto unknown healing powers over the wounds of his companions and the bandits alike. Collapsing from the exertion, Kellin’s own body seemed to be wracked with pains and maladies from the magical weaving.

After gathering themselves up, and releasing the hapless bandits, the party continued on towards their destination. They finally reached Malden’s house, and after a night spent in the shadow of a rather strange shrine, they met Malden himself.


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