Cities: Greymark, Highvale, Storm Harbour Castles: Blackridge Gate

Founded more than six centuries ago by the followers of Maelgas, Kalmar is a powerful feudal kingdom in the midlands of Vanhyr. Fifteen years ago, the kingdoms of Kalmar and Andor, at war for centuries, laid down their arms, and signed a treaty declaring peace between the lands. Though it has been an uneasy one, the truce that followed ushered in a generation of prosperity and trade between the two kingdoms.

Although the past few years has seen a great deal of progress between the two neighbors, tensions are still strong on the border. Blackridge Castle, a bulwark of power for Kalmar for two generations, was supposed to be demolished three years ago as promised in the treaty that both kingdoms signed. The king issued the order, but Duke Arlann, Lord of Blackridge has refused to carry out the demolition, citing recent raids by the Mellenir on merchant caravans as reason for keeping the defenses intact (his reasons include his own ambition combined with the tolls and taxes he is able to raise from holding the border).

Kalmar stretches from the South Flanks northward along the Blackshroud Mountains, south to the great port of Storm Harbour, and east to the Shires near Riverdale. Her fortresses at Deeping Pass, Blackridge Castle and the walled city of Highvale protect the kingdom from her neighbors, and her wealth in land and trade are unrivaled.

Kalmar’s king, Gregor, is an aging veteran of the wars whose grief over the loss of three sons in battle over the years finally drove him to seek peace. Though few believe that the peace will last, Gregor has made it clear that so long as he yet draws breath the blood of Kalmar’s sons will no longer flow in the west. His grand-daughter Princess Vivianne is now heir to the throne, and her choice of husband among the country’s many nobles will likely decide the course of things after the old king’s demise. Gregor has made several attempts at arranging a marriage between the two kingdoms that would lead to eventual unity, but the scars of war are still far too fresh in the minds of both countries to make that possible.


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