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1st Day of Midsummer, in the 642nd year of the Exodus: *

1.) Off in the east, there are rumors of war between three powerful warlords. People are fleeing the lands en masse, and slavers are making a hefty profit there. GK 5

War In The East

2.) Rumors swirl about the possibility of old King Gregor’s health. Some say that the old King is finally succumbing to age and old wounds, and that his death could prove disasterous for the 15-year peace with Andor. PK 5, GK 10

King Gregor’s Death

3.) Travelers claim that elves were seen killing people in a village in the west. No one knows the reason for this, and it has stirred old feelings of enmity and mistrust between the races. Some people say that the King’s advisors have sent a detatchment of soldiers to patrol the nearby woodland villages to deter any further attacks. GK 15

Elf Murderers

5th Day of Midsummer, in the 642nd year of the Exodus:

4.) There is apparently some trouble up north, according to folks at the Olde Mill Inne. No one seems to know the cause, but Reeve Morgan has ben seen travelling the roads more often lately. GK 10

Touble Up North

16th day of Midsummer, in the 642nd year of the Exodus:

5.) There has been fighting in the north near Emmil Cairn; rumors differ as to how severe this fighting has been. Some whisper that a village was raided and people sold off as slaves. GK 10, IK 10

Emmil Cairn Fighting

6.) Travelers claim that a battle was fought somewhere off in the Nethertide Bay far to the south; fishermen from the far south passed a tale about bodies washing up on the beaches for days… Gk 17+ Mastery, Mercantile Knowledge 15

Battle in Nethertide Bay

7th Day of Longdusk, in the 642nd year of the Exodus:

7.) In Emmil Cairn, rumor has it that much of the fighting between the three warlords from the Barons here in the north of the Shire has ended, and two of them have arranged a meeting to form an alliance against the third warlord. GK: 10, IK: 5

Warlord Infighting

8.) Up north, it is claimed that an entire party of merchants headed to the Shire from the Easting Vale was ambushed and killed by mercenaries. Some say that as many as fifty men died in the Deeping Pass as a result of the ambush. GK: 10 MK: 5

Merchants Murdered

9.) Word has it that an Andorian noble was taken captive while traveling the northern road through the Deeping Pass. Some claim that he is worth a good deal of ransom money to his kidnappers, while others claim that he’s already dead, having been captured by vengeful former soldiers of Kalmar. PK: 5

Andorian Victim

21st Day of Longdusk, in the 642nd year of the Exodus:

10.) Hummel was seen talking to the Marshalls from Riverdale while they were here, and after they left town, they headed south along the road. GK: 5

Hummel And The Marshalls

11.) Rangeld and Kurthen have been spending a bit of money at the Olde Mill Inne lately, and no one seems to know how they came into the coin. IK: 5

Rangeld And Kurthen New Wealth

11th Day of Autumn’s Reach, in the 642nd year of the Exodus:

12.) Some say that the assassination attempts on Lord Valkor, the Kalmari Advisor were orchestrated for political reasons by one of the leading nobles of Riverdale. PK: 5

Assassination Attempt

13.) Some people claim that something dire has happened in the west, although no one seems to know exactly what. GK: 10

Trouble in the West


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