Analiegh is the party's newest member, and a well-travelled lass of the world.



Size: 8 Strength: 12 Dex: 18 Prowess: 12 Appearance: 16

HP: 20 Damage: 3d6 Movement: 3 Evade: 11 Sneak: 9 SoH: 11

Skills: Herbalism : 17 (o) Chirurgery: 5 Survival: 5 Swimming: 2 Healing: 5 Gaming: 5 Singing: 8 Dancing: 15

Main Weapon: Dagger 10/1d6, Throwing Knife 15/1d6 Range: 19ft/6yds/12yds/18yds

Natural Skill: Melee: 7, Missile: 10, Large Weapons: 6, Charge: +2

AW: 8 Sight: 17 Hearing: 11 Reaction: +2 Armor: 5 (Soft hide and Dexterity)

Heroic Attributes: Luck: (o), Nimbleness: (o)


Analiegh is slight of build with skin that looks as though it has seen some sun. She has a light dusting of freckles across her nose and cheeks. Her eyes are an apple green and seem to always gleam with some amusement. Her hair is waist-length and the color of a dark sweet potato streaked a lighter orange from the sun.

Analiegh is a born wanderer, daughter to a traveling lot of tinkers who spent their days on the road going town to town spinning tales and selling goods crafted with their own hands. She learned the art of herbs and remedies at her grandmother’s knees. With that she formed a special fondness for plants and gardening.

From her mother she learned the trade of entertainment. How to dance in ways to seduce the mind or inspire the heart. Although she learned to sing a little, it is not something she boasts of.


Legends of Vanhyr Analiegh