Flynn Pathfinder, huntsman and scout.


Age: 16
Eye color: Grey
Hair: Black
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 125
Description: Lean, angular, sharp, light on his feet and normally good spirited.

Size 8, Strength 12, Dex 16, Prowess 18, Appearance 13, Presence 19, Cunning 15,
Sight 14, Hearing 10, Awareness 16, Memory 14
HP 28, Fatigue 31, Movement 4, Evade 8, Sneak 14, Climb/Jump 15, S.O.H. 8

Heroic Abilities:
Agility o, Stealth o

Long Knife 7, Long Bow 13, Bolas 5

Healing 5, Gen Know 8, Reading/Writing 7, Tracking 14, Hunting 14, Survival 8, Animal Lore 10,
Swimming 5, Riding 5, Mercantile Know 5, Fletching 4,


Flynn’s family name actually dates back to the days when Kalmar and Andor where actually one nation, PathFinder wasn’t the original family name either but was a name given to the family due to the family’s long line of well renowned military scouts and trackers. Threw the years the family line thinned due to constant wars and sickness. The last two generations of PathFinder’s actually gave up being scouts and trackers to turn to a more merchant life this choice didn’t sit well with the king and when the time came for the king to pay off debits to the actual nobles who fought for him in the last war he decided to give the family lands of the PathFinder’s to the nobles who fought, leaving the PathFinder name landless and with great debt. The PathFinders moved across most of Kalmar looking for a new home and a new beginning far away from the ears and eyes of those who knew them. Flynn’s long bow was passed to him by his father and has not seen use since the day his great, great grandfather died while wielding it, the small emblem of twin stag heads back to back on the inside of the upper riser is the last remnant of a forgotten house.


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